Divine Hope


divinehopeGail held tightly to Mark’s hand never wanting to let go. She wanted to cling to life. She was staring at that imaginary future. A future that she had thought was going to be perfect. To get married to the only man she loved. She was dreaming of a house full of children. A house somewhere in Devon. They even wished to have a set of twins. Gail wanted two identical boys. Mark didn’t mind whether they were identical or not as long as they were twins. They’d planned to have their honeymoon in Calabar in Nigeria. Mark’s parents used to work for Shell Oil Company in the South Eastern part of Nigeria and Mark had spent a number of his vacations in Calabar City. He often joked about taking Gail to the Bamboo Inn and she could have some 404, something that Gail later knew to be pepper soup made of dog meat. Although Mark had never really eaten 404 he made Gail tick whenever he described how tasty dog meat was. But now everything seemed a hopeless dream. And all she could hope for was someone kind and generous enough to give a kidney. Someone who would give her a bit of life to hold onto. And then as her eyes met with Mark’s he could not hold his tears any longer.

“There’s a lot to think about. I leave you to think about what we’ve discussed. I’ll inform Dr Bull. I’m sure he’ll like to talk to you when he returns to the country.” Dr Bell made a final check on the heamofiltration machine and all the monitoring equipments and left.

“Oh Mark I’m sorry.” Gail sobbed and blew her nose.

“You’ll be alright baby. You deserve to be alright. And I love you so much.” They held unto each other with their tears streaming on each other’s shoulders.

Angela sat on the other side of Gail. Her eyes were heavy but she knew that she must try not to cry. Crying in this kind of situation seemed to be unprofessional. She must do everything possible to make Gail see the other side of life.


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